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Over 50 

With increasing age, the requirements for health insurance change - that is quite normal. As far as basic insurance is concerned, all health insurances cover the same benefits, only the premiums vary, depending on the type of health insurer!

> Thanks to my health insurance, I always stay young. For the same services, I even save over CHF 1,000 per year!

Some supplementary insurance becomes redundant, others are still important. Think well about the fact that benefits can now play a new role in your life!

So why pay more for the same services?


What is supplementary insurance?

In contrast to basic insurance, additional insurance benefits differ considerably from health insurance to health insurance.
Supplementary insurance includes all types of insurance that go beyond health insurance. This includes dental insurance, travel insurance, accident and disability insurance, alternative medicine, etc. These insurance benefits can help you stay healthy and protect your finances.

Remember that additional insurance is not compulsory. It is therefore better to take out insurance when you are healthy.

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