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Maternity Insurance

Health insurance is more important than ever when you're pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Health insurance covers prenatal care, childbirth, pediatric care and vaccinations for your baby. The prenatal registration is the registration of an unborn child with the health insurance company. The policy is fixed on the date of birth.


Registering your baby before the birth is very important for supplementary insurance. Since additional insurance is not compulsory, there is a possibility that your child will be born with complications and that additional insurance will be rejected. Some important therapies such as alternative medicine are not compulsorily insured. In addition, registering your child before the birth is free.

Important! No health questionnaire for prenatal completion.

Maternity benefits

Compulsory health insurance covers the costs of special maternity benefits.

. Birth at home, in a hospital, or in a birthing center.

. Examinations by doctors or midwives during and after pregnancy.

. Contribution to the cost of antenatal courses and breastfeeding advice.

Cost contributions ?

In the case of maternity, there is no cost sharing from the 13th week of pregnancy and up to eight weeks after the birth. » Get information here

Antenatal care?

Antenatal care is an important part of medical care during pregnancy to protect your health and that of your future baby.

Is your child already born?

You must inform the health insurance company that your child has already been born.

First medical consultation?

The pediatrician will monitor the development of the future baby and perform routine tests to identify and avoid possible health problems.

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It is mandatory to take out basic insurance for your child in Switzerland. Parents must sign a contract with a health insurance company in the first three months of life. The baby package includes basic and additional insurance and offers full protection for children.

Here you can request an offer for the cheapest health insurance for your child in your region.


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