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Supplemental insurance

With supplemental insurance, you can secure important benefits that you cover in Switzerland and abroad and that are not included in the basic insurance. A wide range of insurance supplements the basic insurance benefits.

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Supplemental insurance may include additional coverage to the mandatory insurance such as alternative medicine, medications not covered by basic insurance, psychotherapy, health promotion, vaccinations, convalescent care, home nursing services and domestic help, glasses and contact lenses, accessories and medical devices, emergency transportation as well as rescue and salvage costs, travel insurance as well as the cost of dental treatment, corrective dentistry and maxillofacial surgery.

Over 50

With increasing age, the requirements for health protection change; this is completely normal. With basic insurance, every health insurance covers the same benefits, only the premiums vary depending on the type of health insurer! Assura offers the lowest and most stable premiums in Switzerland on average in 2021.
Thanks to my health insurance, I always stay young. For the same benefits, I even save over CHF 1,000 per year!

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