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Change Health Insurance

Would you like to change your health insurance company? Do you need help in the transition phase? Do you feel lost with all the information and red tape?

The health insurance premiums are not the same, they vary depending on the insurer, age and place of residence.

 If you want to change your health insurance company, you can apply to a new recognized health insurance company.

         Change Health Insurance now!

All health insurance companies offer the same services for compulsory insurance, but the premiums are not the same.

Therefore, you have the right to change your health insurance once a year, provided you adhere to the following rules:

Basic Insurance Termination

  • Notice of cancellation must reach the insurer by registered mail on the last working day before the start of the notice period.  
  •   Cancellation must be received by registered mail on the last business day before the start of the notice period.
  •   It is not possible to change the health insurance for outstanding debts.
  • The new health insurance must send a confirmation of acceptance to the previous health insurance


  • Deductible (if costs exceed the deductible)

       20% if generic exists but is not used)
       Adults, 10% max. CHF 700 per calendar year
       Children, 10% max. CHF 350 per calendar year

  • Hospital contribution

        CHF 15 per hospital day

  • Pregnancy & childbirth

        No cost sharing

Change of insurer KVG

  • With a normal deductible CHF (300 & 0) as of June 30 and December 31.
  • 3 months' notice on March 31 and September 30.
  • If the new premiums are notified by December 31, 1 month's notice of November 30

We are at your disposal for questions and further information

We would like to offer you the cheapest health insurance premiums for your region. Our specialists are at your disposal for a personal conversation and will advise you completely free of charge and without obligation.

 Change Health Insurance now!

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